Latest lottery winners

Our winners so excited and BoulLA is changing life all over Haïti and across, Please feel free to share your winning experience with everyone, always remember when someone win it's everyone win because BoulLA is for Haïti.

How to collect your Winning Ticket with US

Collect your winning ticket with BoulLA never been easier like any other provider in the industry, anywhere at any time from one of our distributor around the nation or at any BoulLA locations during working hours.

Distributor Pays You

Meet Distributor at any place then provide your ticket and might need a couple of verifications, after all cleared collect CASH instantly.

BoulLA Pays You

Go to one of our official locations with your Ticket and ID, then your phone if need it for additional verifications, collect CASH instantly.

Claim Your Ticket Online

For register user account, just Login to your user panel either web portal or app, then follow the screen on claim my ticket Tab.

The BoulLA Map View Happy Players

Please review our Map to see all across Haïti our players being happy and people can see clearly BoulLA cover every single corner of Haïti

Latest Borlette Results

Please everyone makes sure to verify from your user account or by a distributor to double check if you are a winner from one of our game, if you are a winner don't hesitate to proceed to claim your winning ticket(s).